Madison’s Back to School Tips

back to school tipsToday is my first day of school.  I am so excited to start fourth grade!  I had an exciting summer and now I am ready to see my friends again, learn new things and prepare myself for middle school!  Wow!  Middle School?  Seriously?  It’s always good to set goals at the beginning of the year.  One of my goals is to stay on the honor roll and get on the Principal’s List.  I know that if I work hard and stay focused, it will happen.  My mom always says to “write down my goals”, so hopefully this counts!  As you are setting your goals, I hope these 5 Back to School Tips for a Successful Year will help you.  I always find that if I STAY ORGANIZED, I tend not to stress out a lot.  When I know where everything is, it makes doing my homework, getting dressed and studying a lot easier.  Staying organized also helps me to MANAGE MY TIME WISELY.  My daddy is always telling me to manage my time.  I am still trying to figure that one out, but I did buy myself a watch.  Managing my time also helps me to stay CALM.  When I am calm, I feel more MOTIVATED.  Motivated to do the things I am supposed to do.  Another GREAT TIP is, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”  My grandma is always saying, “no man is an island”.  I am not quite sure what that means, but she always says it when I am struggling to do something by myself. My last tip for you to have a successful school year is to try your best to BALANCE everything.  This is always a challenge for me, but my mom always helps me to figure everything out.  Not only do I have to balance school and my business, but my friends are important to me as well; so I try to use all of the tips here to make sure that I do the things I have to; so I can do the things I want to.

First Day of Fourth Grade

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