Gabrielle Goodwin: 9 Year Old CEO

Last month I made a new friend at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion.  Nine year old Gabrielle Goodwin was there as a vendor, selling her product, Gabby Bows.

Gabby Bows are barrettes that won’t disappear! Invented with her mother when Gabby was 7 years old, “together they found a solution to an age old problem”, says Gabby.

Gabrielle lives in Columbia, South Carolina and she drove with her mother and grandmother to Orlando, Florida to attend the event. Our mothers have been friends on Facebook as well as members of the ExCel Youth Mentoring Institute, where their vision is to cultivate the seeds of leadership & entrepreneurship in every young person.   So when Ms. Rozalynn realized she was traveling to Orlando, she connected with my mom so that we could all meet.  I was so excited to meet Gabby and as you can see, we hit it off immediately!  As a nine year old photographer and entrepreneur, it was fun to meet another 9 year old entrepreneur! gabby-madison

Gabby Bows are FUN FOR YOUR HAIR!  I even bought a few and I love to wear them to school because they don’t slip out, therefore you don’t lose them!


While we were at the event, I photographed Gabby with her BOWS and we even did an mini impromptu photoshoot!  She is so pretty and I love how she’s sporting her own product in her hair.  That’s so cool!  gabby-bows-3

I think I was most impressed with Gabby during our interview.  She was so confident and knew everything about her business and shared with us what her responsibilities are.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW the interview!


Last year, Gabby was named the 2015 South Carolina Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Kiplinger also featured her in their magazine, you can CLICK HERE to read that article.   Most recently, Essence featured my friend on their website, stating, “The hard-working elementary school visionary recently created a Kickstarter to raise funds for her new functional hair accessory line GaBBY Bows and the response from people wanting to help make her dream a reality was overwhelming. To date, Gabrielle has raised $28,000 through her Kickstarter campaign and has received an outpouring of support from multiple local businesses and investors.” 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my friend Gabby. Please visit her WEBSITE and order Gabby Bows for a little girl in your life!  You can also follow her on social media:  FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER and tell her that her friend Madison sent you!



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