Amazing Arabella: #1 Global Teen Blogger


Social Media is AMAZING!  We can be connected with so many people, anywhere in the world.  I met Amazing Arabella  via Twitter!  She lives in London; I live in the United States and we are friends, thanks to the internet!  We are hoping to meet next year…so stay tuned for that yumminess!

I was so happy when she agreed to allow me to interview her and feature her on my blog! I really want to share her with you because she inspired me and I am hoping you’ll feel inspired to follow your dreams as well too!  I sent Amazing Arabella some AMAZING questions and she replied with really well thought out AMAZING answers.  I really appreciate and admire her.  She could have ignored my tweet or declined my request, but instead, she decided to allow me to interview her.  


Arabella started blogging when she was 11 years old.  She says, “it was a big eye-opener.  I love to write so blogging is good, however vlogging is really FUN also!”  By default, Arabella reaches the tween & teen population, however in her own words she says,  “I adore all my fans and to be honest I don’t have an ideal reader – my fans are great, and they have been supportive of my work and what I do so I love them all regardless of age, gender or personality.” 


Although Arabella is an internet sensation, she really is humble and she enjoys doing some of the same things that I do.  As far as a day in the life of Arabella, she shared with me, “It’s really varied – I still do stuff like go to school, learn and hang-out with my family and friends – sometimes I go to events, premieres, fashion shows etc.  It’s all really cool and exciting – I love learning about new things so its all good! 

Here are a few other questions I asked Arabella:

Madison: People usually say, “tell us about yourself…”  but I like to be different…. so please tell me 3 things people don’t know about you.
  • I love to draw and am quite a Good Abstract Artist
  • I have been writing a book called “The Chosen Ones” for about 3 years now
  • I am a secret DJ

Madison: What’s your advice to other kids that follow you, admire you and want to emulate you?

Arabella: I always advise to try and be the best you can. I want my fans to be comfortable within themselves and to understand that everyone is different! However everyone is beautiful and we all have gifts that we can develop. My Mum always says that you should never be afraid of doing something you want to do. Everything is a learning curve!! 🙂

Madison: In checking out your blog, I saw that you recently attended the BUFF Awards, what did you learn and who did you meet?

Arabella: Firstly, thanks so much for reading! It’s a honor!!  The BUFF Awards were amazing.  Each year BUFF aims to premiere at least 25 films in the UK. It acts as a platform which enables the documentation of the UK’s ever changing cultural climate, telling stories and sharing the voice of those who otherwise may go unheard. With nominations for categories such as Best Actor (won by Emmanuel Iman), Best Actress (won by Vikki Earle), Best Script Talent (won by Sam Benjamin) and even an Honorary Achievement Award (dedicated to Will Johnson), this year’s awards did just what we expected it to do, acknowledging the talent from established creatives and celebrating the achievements of those new to the industry.

Arabella and her brother and sidekick, Jaadin, attending the BUFF Awards.Amazing Arabella 5.jpgAs a new homeschooler, I thought that because of just how busy Arabella is she may have been homeschooled too, or perhaps attend a special school.  However, although she was accepted at a specialty stage school, Arabella actually attends regular school.  She shared with me that her blogging and vlogging is a part of her lifestyle; therefore she gets to do some fabulous fun things.  Most of the time her family and close friends get to tag along! Every year she has a big birthday party and all of her friends and some of her fans get to attend. How fun!  Maybe one day I can attend and take photographs for her! “Hint!  Hint!”  LOL


I really enjoyed writing this blog about the Amazing Arabella.  I absolutely love what she is doing and I hope that you have been inspired just as much as I have!  When I asked Arabella what her dreams were for the future, she responded and said, “I just want to be happy and live life to the fullest! I think its important to achieve stuff and be happy at the same time.”

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