Interview with Laya DeLeon Hayes: Voice of DocMcStuffins

During my trip to Los Angeles I had the pleasure to meet 12 year old actress,  Laya DeLeon Hayes, the voice of Disney’s Doc McStuffins.  It was really amazing to hang out with her!  She was so kind and sweet and I know why, because she has really nice parents that taught her to be humble; and as she mentions in the interview, they keep her grounded.

I really loved interviewing her. She was so easy to talk to, I felt like I’ve known her for a really long time.  It was so funny listening to her speak, and seeing her pretty face, not Doc’s.  We talked about how she got started as an actress, her appreciation for homeschooling and her experience with bullying.  I learned a lot about her and I hope you enjoy the exchange.  Please be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram and let her know you read about her here!  If you know anyone who loves Doc McStuffins, share this video with them, they are sure to love Laya!



My mom took this photo of Laya and me.  The feature image of Laya are compliments of Shea Anne Photography.  The background music in the video is compliments of my uncle Paul Sequence Ferguson.

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