Jahquan: A Star in the Making


Why wait until you graduate from high school or college to pursue your dreams?  Why not start right now?  As a ten year old photographer, writer and entrepreneur I  love to see other children following their dreams.  Jahquan is a real life example of children pursuing their passions!  She’s been modeling and competing in pageants since she was 4 years old and you can tell!


Our photo shoot was relaxed and enjoyable.  It was almost like we had done  this together before.  As I was telling her how to pose or what to do, it was like she knew what I was going to say next and did what I said, before I actually said it.  I guess that is a direct result of all of her experience as well as the intense training her step-mother provides.  Jahquan has tons of commercial modelling experience with brands such as Disney, Disney UK and Universal just to name a few.  She’s no stranger to the runway either,  as she’s participated in both the Orlando International Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

IMG_2991 PWM.jpg

As our hour session was coming to an end, I decided to get creative and experiment a little.  I believe that you have to sometimes take risks in order to create something amazing.  I love the way this photo came out.  My plan was to put my subject in the middle of the two branches of the tree so that I could create a natural frame around her face.   I blurred the branches in the foreground but made sure her face was clear in the background.  It’s kind of like a reversed depth of field.


Jahquan is a very sweet girl with a fun loving personality and a great smile.  She loves chocolate ice cream and when she grows up, she wants to be a nurse.  When we asked her why, she said, “because I want to help people”.


As a ten year old photographer, I love photographing other children.  I love to see their reaction to their images and I love to see them smile.  I think kids enjoy photographing with me because I am a kid too!   “I’ve never had a child photograph me before, it was pretty cool”, said Jahquan.  When we asked her what made it cool, she said, “it was different, it was fun and you’re a kid”.


My mom often tells me to have fun in everything I do and it will never be like work.  I think she’s right, because even though I am working when I am taking pictures, photography is my passion and I make it fun so it’s always enjoyable.  My mom also says my photo shoots are like a playdate on steroids.  So if you’d like to book a “playdate” with me, CLICK HERE to have some fun!

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2 thoughts on “Jahquan: A Star in the Making

  1. Beautiful Job Ladies. God bless you. You both will go far in life. Mom’s God bless you as well keep on keeping on with them. I love them both.

    Mrs. Pat R.


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