Friendship. Fun. Photos.

“I don’t remember how we happened to meet each other.  I don’t remember who got along with whom first.   All I can remember is all of us together…always.”  – Unknown


Friendship is a gift.  Some of my most memorable moments were spent with my closest friends.  I couldn’t even imagine not having friends to share my smiles, my laughs and my joys with.

Such will never be the case for these friends.


Photographing them was easy and fun, mostly because they were well behaved and they respected each other. Sometimes photo shoots with multiple children can be challenging.  Not for Nana, Genesis and Charles.  They seemed to really enjoy working together.
Edriniyah Lopez better known as “Nana” turns 9 years old today and is a straight “A” student in school.  Her eyes are bright, her smile is big, and her future is promising.  She has aspirations of becoming a teacher and a singer, however she’s rocking it out in the modeling space right now!  Just this week, her mom told us that a talent agency signed her when they saw the photos I took of her!  Knowing that I can use my talent to help someone else follow their dreams makes me feel happy.  Follow Nana on INSTAGRAM.
As a photographer, I see the world differently through my lens.  As a ten year old photographer I can really relate to other children easily because I am a child too.  Sometimes being photographed by an adult can be intimating for a child, trust me I know. However the children that I photograph always seem to be relaxed and at ease.
Genesis Gia Brown is 6 years old and although vanilla ice cream with sprinkles is her favorite, she actually runs her very own cupcake business, “Little Miss Billionaire Cupcakes”.   Genesis plans on studying to become a pediatrician in the future, however right now she’s having a lot of fun modeling. Follow Genesis on INSTAGRAM.
Charles Riley III, an honor roll student, is 7 years old and wants to be a dentist when he grows up.  He loves vanilla ice cream, football, soccer, track, swimming and now photography.  It means so much to me to inspire other children and Charles was definitely inspired to pursue photography by the end of our session.

Charles is new on the modeling scene, but give him a little time, we expect big things from him.  Follow Charles on INSTAGRAM.


My biggest challenge with being a ten year old photographer and entrepreneur is that people usually don’t take me very seriously.  Most adults just think I am cute and they don’t realize that I am very serious about my photography.  It doesn’t really bother me, in fact, I’ve gotten used to it.  What I really enjoy about photographing children, is that my age doesn’t matter.  They just think that what I do is cool.


If you think that what I do is cool and you’d like to book me for a private photo session, CLICK HERE.  To stay up to date with my photography adventures, follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.



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