Live Oak Theatre – The Wizard of Oz


This past weekend I performed in The Wizard of Oz, my very first stage play with The Live Oak Theatre.  We had three shows.  Next weekend we have four shows.  My four characters were: Munchkin #2, City Father #2, Woman and Manicurist.  Even though I only had three small lines, I was so happy to be a part of this production!  My acting coach Vince Vanni really prepared me well for this opportunity!  I trained with him for about three months before auditioning.  Three important things Mr. Vince taught me:

  1. When auditioning, talk “low”, like Santa Claus.  He says it makes you sound confident and you’ll be easier to understand.
  2. Perfect your “elevator pitch”.  You want to always be ready to say who you are and show what you can do.  Hold your head up high, practice good posture, SMILE and let your personality shine through.
  3. You’re always auditioning.  From the moment you get out of the car in the parking lot, until the moment you are chosen for the part and even afterwards, you are always being observed.  So always be on your best behavior!

17776765_1926946044203445_1646903308_oWe started rehearsals back in February.  I was new to the theatre company so I was a little nervous, but everyone was so warm and welcoming that it made it easy for me to just feel at home.  The director, Mr. Kyle Marra, the creative director, Mrs. Randi Olsen and the stage manager, Mrs. Kelli Alexander were all easy to work with it.  They always answered my questions and never made me feel like I was bothering them.

The cast members were all great to work with.  They were kind, helpful and welcoming.  Rehearsals were fun.  I always looked forward to attending.  It was like I found my happy place!


Opening Night was SOLD OUT!  It felt good to finally be on stage in front of over 100 people and share with the audience what we had been diligently practicing for months! It was an amazing experience!  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…well, probably because I never had!  When I was performing, I felt like I was on Broadway!  It felt fabulous.  I put my whole heart into it.  As my media coach said, “she was committed to being the best darn munchkin on this side of Oz.”


The costumes, the set, the sound and the lighting was awesome!  Everything about this production was first class!  All of the parents pitched in to serve, clean up, build, create, sew or like my mom, promote and photograph!  Speaking of photographs, here are a few my mom took at the first three shows!  We had three Dorothy’s, two Glinda’s, two wicked witches, and two lions.  I love how they gave more than one person the chance to be in a principle role.

LOT SHOW 2 (312)









LOT SHOW 2 (369)LOT SHOW 2 (371)LOT SHOW 2 (373)LOT SHOW 2 (375)

LOT SHOW 2 (358)





I am so thankful to my Daddy and my Mommy and to all of my family and friends for coming out to see The Wizard of Oz!  This has been a wonderful experience and I cannot wait until our next production, Annie!

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