Mother & Daughter Vision Board Party


On Saturday, May 13th I am hosting a Mother & Daughter Vision Board Party!  I am very excited about it because it will give little girls the opportunity to sit down with their mommy’s to dream, plan and set goals for the future. Our mother and daughter discussion will spark conversation that will encourage growth, inspire change and empower them to follow their dreams.

Mom and daughter discussion worksheet.jpg

Our venue sponsor, Inkwell Centre, generously opened their doors for this event because they believed in the concept of a vision board party and the impact it would have on the lives of the little girls in our community.  Mr. Marvin and Mr. Melvin, the twin brothers who own Inkwell, have already made a difference in my life; because they believe in me and have given me the opportunity to spread my wings and fly.

Marvin & Madison.jpg

Last month, I was a speaker at the Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference where 200 adults registered to attend.  Zig Ziglar’s daughter, Laura Ziglar Norman also spoke.  She shared so many of her father’s quotes and I was truly inspired.  Zig Ziglar was one of the most influential motivational speakers of his time!  This is one of my favorite quotes of his, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.  That quote reminds me of how Mr. Marvin has helped me to follow my dreams and he inspires me to want to help other people get what they want.  That is why I am hosting my first VISION BOARD PARTY!

Vision Board In Action (2)

When I made my first vision board, I made it with my mom at “my friend”, Mrs. Cheryl’s house.  Mrs. Cheryl Pullins is a brand strategist…oh and she was my mom’s friend first.  She had us create vision boards that represented what we wanted to see happen in our lives. On my board, I put a photo of former President Barack Obama because it was my dream to photograph him.  I also put a picture of a Canon camera on my board and the Eiffel tower, because I really, really, really want to visit Paris and photograph the city.  Well, if you know my story, you know that last summer, my dream to photograph President Barack Obama came true.  After that accomplishment, I was featured on the Steve Harvey Show and guess what….he gave me a brand new Canon EOS 80D camera with three different lenses! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SHOW.


I hope that when the mothers and daughters come together on Saturday for the VISION BOARD PARTY, the experience changes them, brings them closer together and allows them to document their DREAMS so that they can set their GOALS and put their PLANS into ACTION!  The Bible says, “write it down and make it plain”; that means to write down your vision and make it plain so that you can see it and it inspires you daily to implement and execute your goals.


When my mom and I sat with Mr. Marvin to talk about “my vision” for the vision board party, we never even talked about or thought about asking anyone to sponsor the event other than my buddy, Mr. Andrew, owner of Jerk Hut in Tampa.  I love his jerk chicken and rice and peas!  Yummy!  Yummy!  I also like that he believes in me, respects me as a kidpreneur and always supports my ideas.

I was so surprised when people started to reach out to us and say that they believed in what we were doing and they wanted to donate so that mothers and daughters could experience creating memories together.  We are so thankful to all of our generous sponsors; especially Mrs. Tina Marie Hollywood who worked tirelessly spreading the word and gathering sponsorships from Safe & Sound Hillsborough and Cristo Rey Tampa High School.  I also want to thank Ms. Shola of Shola Shoes for ALWAYS believing in me and ALWAYS supporting me in everything I do.  Thanks to Ms. Aylen Suarez for donating tickets to the event as well.  Ms. Aylen is putting on Sobel Kids Fashion Week in June at The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. I will be emceeing the event all three nights alongside Mr. Cliff Brown, a grammy award winning producer and lovely wife, Mrs. Crystal Brown, a Tampa Bay Lightning Cheerleader Coach.  Special thanks to Mrs. Shavon Reed of Echo-Luv Enterprises for her donation as well.  My mom says, its takes a village!  It sure does; I learned that over the past few weeks!

 Sponsors - Final.jpg


When I go to networking events with my mommy, I love visiting the vendor tables; so I really wanted to have VENDORS at my event too.  I am so happy for the vendors that signed up!  Please click on their links and visit their pages and support them!

Jocelyn Vendor

Our first vendor, Jocelyn Allen, owner of Clay by JGA is a 6 year old kidpreneur.  Jocelyn is in the first grade and I am so excited to have her at the event because she will be a great INSPIRATION to the kids who attend.  Jocelyn creates beautiful clay magnets!  Please support her business.

Sharon Vendor.jpg

We wanted to have all things that girls love and make up is one of them!  Ms. Sharon will be representing Mary Kay.  If you’d like to join her private group, CLICK HERE.


I was so happy that my cousin, Ginger could attaend and represent LulaRoe.  What girl doesn’t like to dress up and look pretty?  Ginger will showcase the latest styles and maybe she’ll even let us play dress up?  If you’d like to join Ginger’s private group and LulaRoe with the Johnsons, CLICK HERE.

Constance Vendor.jpeg

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to dance!  Dance is another way to express yourself.  We are so happy that Mrs. Constance of Blaize Dance will be a vendor.  Check them out on Facebook.

Pene Vendor.jpg

We welcome Ms. Pene Johnson Davis representing Paparazzi Accessories tomorrow!!!! All the jewelry is $5.00 each! Thank you Pene for joining us!  If you’d like to join Ms. Pene’s private group, click here:


On Saturday I’ll be selling my Photos With Madison Tee Shirts!  Everyone who purchases a tee shirt will have the chance to win a styled private photo shoot with me!  If you’d like to purchase a tee shirt, CLICK HERE to order one in your size.  We currently carry adult S, M, L, XL and 2XL. The small fits me and I usually wear a youth medium.


I will also take a photo of you to put on your vision board!  I can’t wait to see you through my lens!


A VISION BOARD is a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of your goals, dreams and plans for your ideal life.  We made this vision board for Saturday as an example to the girls of what a vision board could look like.  It’s going to be exciting to watch the mothers and their daughters talk about the future together and plan the life they want to live.

If you can’t make it this Saturday, stay tuned as we will be announcing our next vision board party theme and date at the event!  We will go on Facebook LIVE at 4:00PM to make the announcement!

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook: @photoswithmadison.


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