SoBel Kids Fashion Week: Meeting Ellis Wyms


Last night I attended VIP night for Sobel Kids Fashion Week at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I totally enjoyed myself.  When I first walked in, everyone was so dressed up and so happy to be there.


The first person to greet me was Mrs. Mayra Gomez of Gomez Innovations.  She is the Co-Producer and Fashion Show Director for Sobel Kids Fashion Week. Mrs. Mayra is also married to my photography mentor, Mr. Jose Gomez.  I really love them and enjoy working with them.  They respect me as a professional photographer and they don’t just think of me as a regular little kid.

I first got involved with this event when Mrs. Mayra commissioned me to photograph the kids participating in the fashion show for the “Give Back Magazine”.  Breanna Amick, child model is on the cover.  Ms. Aylen Suarez, CEO of Nu Sobel did the make up and hair for all of the models.  I probably photographed about 40 models over two days.  It was so much fun.  Even though Mrs. Mayra and Ms. Aylen had a vision for the photos, they trusted me and allowed me to be creative.  The models were amazing to work with — I think they liked that I am a ten year old photographer which makes me more relatable.  The only set back is, I am very tiny and Mrs. Mayra had to lift me a few times for me to get the shot I wanted.

PicMonkey Collage

There were so many people who attended the VIP night.  One of them was former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ellis Wyms.


Mr. Wyms won the 37th Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Bucs when they played the Oakland Raiders in 2003.  Last night he allowed me to wear his super bowl ring.            Picture2

The ring is super heavy and made out of gold and diamonds.  A cool fact about super bowl rings: The NFL pays for the cost of 150 rings to the winning team, at roughly $5,000,000 in total, depending upon the fluctuating cost of gold and diamonds.  []


Before trying on his Super Bowl ring, I actually had the opportunity to do an exclusive photoshoot and interview with Mr. Wyms . We stepped outside onto the balcony of the Museum and I took a few photos of him.  Mr. Daniel Garber of Foto Café, LLC, another photography friend of mine, captured this photo of me working:


It was amazing meeting Mr. Wyms.  He was very kind and took his time to answer all of my questions.  We discussed his career as an NFL football player, his role as husband and dad and his philanthropy work through The Wyms Foundation.  He was inspiring and encouraging and I am so glad that he took the time to fly in from Texas to attend the event benefiting the Children’s Cancer Center.

Tonight is the second night of the Sobel Kids Fashion Week.  I am so excited!  I will be hosting the event with Mr. Cliff Brown, of Crown Entertainment, a Grammy award winning producer has become a “go-to” name in the Tampa Bay area for the entertainment industry;  and his wife, Mrs. Crystal Brown, a veteran to high-end events, currently the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning Cheerleading Team, runway model, and spokesperson for numerous Fortune 500 Companies.  Be sure to follow along on social media.  Our exclusive hashtags are #sobelkfw and #sobelkfw2017.

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